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I thought I’d start the blog off with a nail polish swatch seeing as I got 9 new polishes in the mail yesterday. I didn’t even know until I randomly checked the mailbox today. Hooray!

Tenkte jeg skulle starte bloggen med en neglelakk swatch siden jeg fikk 9 nye neglelakker i posten i går. Nesten så ikke engang husket at jeg hadde bestilt de før de var i postkassen i går. Hurra! 

I don’t really follow trends or anything when it comes to nail polishes, so I’m just going to swatch what ever I find beautiful.

Jeg følger ingen trender ellerno når det kommer til neglelakk, så jeg legger bare ut swatcher av det jeg syns er fint. 

Out of the 9 I got yesterday, CNDs Tutu is the one I wanted to try on first.

Av de 9 jeg fikk i går, så var det CND’s Tutu jeg ville prøve først.

This is a beauutiful pale pink that works wonders with my Middle Eastern skintone. I first tried it on a nailwheel along with all the other colors to see which I wanted to go for first, and when I did that, it went on very very smoothly. But when I tried it on myself, I actually found it quite difficult.

Dette er en suuuperfin blek rosatone som fungerer perfekt med min hudtone. Jeg prøvde neglelakken på et hjul først og da syns jeg den virker veldig fin å legge, men da jeg skulle prøve den på meg selv, så var det plutselig ikke like lett. 

It’s not too opaque, but it’s not sheer either. It’s an annoying thing in the middle. It took 3 layers to get it almost complitely opaque, which is a little annoying. A 4th layer would probably have done the job, or to make it easier for myself next time; I might start off with a white opaque nailpolish first and layer this over it.

Trengte 3 strøk for å få den nesten helt opak, og det er et strøk for mye synes jeg. Et fjerde strøk hadde sikkert gjort jobben, men jeg tror jeg starter med en hvit base for å gjøre det enklere for meg selv neste gang. 

I think this might be my go-to spring polish.

What do you think? Perfect spring color?

Perfekte vår-fargen? :)


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  1. It looks so fresh and girly, but still very stylish:) me like!

  2. If you like that color, you should totally get OPI’s Mod About You! Awesome AWESOME pink!


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