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China Glaze – Blue Island Iced Tea Swatch

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This is another great spring color, and it’s one of the easiest polishes to apply that I’ve tried yet. It’s a bit sheer so I needed three coats to get it complitely opaque.

I think it’s a really nice color, but I don’t think it’s a color I’m going to be using too much. It’s not really me, but I will use it more during summer. It looks awesome in the sun – real sparkly!

I put it on last night and since then I’ve made dinner, done the dishes and showered. With only a basecoat and no top coat, I think it looks pretty good. Nothing around the edges and no sign of flaking.


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  1. It’s more sparkly than I thought. This is more of what I had in mind:
    I also bought this one:

    The pearl one looks great on my hands.

    • Oh, that does look nice! I have one that’s pretty similar to the blue one you posted, but I can’t remember the name of it. I wrote them all down under the nail so I know which one it is. :p And you have a thing for Chanel, don’t you? :p

  2. Mais oui, a tres grande thing for CHANEL. The blue you have on the rail that is aligned with the “B” in the word “Blue” is very similar to the BarryM one I bought. only 3£ but very good in quality.
    I also bought this:

    That ofcourse is out of the question for a wedding. Hey do a post about shoes!!! I think I will :D


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