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Shlai Fasolya – White beans in tomato soup

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Ah, how I love fasolya. When I was younger, this and lobya (black eyed beans), were my favorite. I used to beg my mum to make it all the time and it was one of those dishes that just vanished the second it was laid on the dinnertable.

Once, my mum was away for 2 weeks, and I wanted to make this. I had no idea how to, but decided I’d try anyway. I just could -not- understand why my beans weren’t getting soft, so I threw it out and decided to go buy a can of finished made instead. Oh, how horrible that was. Canned beans and tomato is HORRIBLE. And it tastes nothing like this at all.  It was all sweet and just.. *brrr* I shiver when thinking about how excited I was and how gross I actually found it.

Anyway; the reason my beans wouldn’t get soft is because I hadn’t put them in water the night before.

Let them stay until an hour before dinner is suppose to be ready. When you have an hour to go, you boil them until they get almost perfectly soft with only a little salt in the water. But remember; since you’re boiling them later for another 15 minutes, you don’t want them to be perfectly cooked or they’ll be mushy later. Take it off the heat.

I did the measurements by heart on this one. It’s very similar to the squash soup.

I got about 1dl of oil into a casserole and chopped up half an onion and threw it in. Some people use garlic here too, but since I didn’t have any handy, I skipped it. After the onion has got yellow, I tossed inn 2 big spoons of tomato puré.

I let that sit there for about 30 seconds before I poured in 7 dl of water, along with 1 full teaspoon of salt and the beans.

Now you just put the lid on and let it stay on medium heat for 15 min or so.

Also, remember to check the salt. I ended up putting in a glass of water and two more teaspoons of salt to get it right.

Here it was enjoyed with some rice and chicken. And the leftovers are going to be gone when lunch time comes around! ;)


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  1. Love fasolya! Was it good with onions??

  2. Not when we make it at home. Just a little garlic sometimes. Hmm..I’ll make mom put in onions this time.

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  4. i can believe that i found a website like this! i was first searching for lobya, because here in switzerland there isnt any lobya… then i saw your blog! please dont delete your blog ever :D in which accent do you speak kurdish? i am really speachless and sooo happy that i found your blog today, i really wanted to make a blog but i never tried it.. :D !!!!! your in my favs :))


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