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Ahhh, nisk. I love nisk! Nisk is a delicious and healthy lentil soup you can have for dinner, lunch, breakfast or just when ever. It’s good cold and it’s good warm. It’s just.. awesome!

Nisk er en deilig suppe som er en av de beste kurdiske rettene jeg vet om. Denne kan spises både som lunsj, frokost og middag. Spis det når du vil og spis den kald eller varm, den er like god uansett! 

I got the recipe from Kefta, Kobba, Kosi:

2 dl red lentils – 2 dl røde linser
half an onion – halv løk
1 dl minispaghettis (I use a handful of rice instead) – 1 dl minispaghetti eller håndful ris
13 dl chicken stock – 13 dl kylling buljong
Some pepper, curry and turmeric – svart pepper, salt, curry og gurkmeie.

Chop up your onions and throw them in 1 dl of oil along with the spices. You can use 1 teaspoon of each if you want a measurement.

Grovhakk løken og stek opp i olje med krydderet. Du kan bruke 1 teskje av hver hvis du vil ha måling, men det bestemmer du altså selv. Svart pepper sparer du til slutt. 

After a minute, you add the chicken stock and the lentils. Remember to wash them until the water that comes out is clear. You don’t want any lentil dust to come with.

Etter et minutt så heller du i buljongen og linsene. Husk å vask linsene til vannet blir klart; linsestøv er ikke noe godt.

You let that boil on medium heat for about 20 minutes and then add the rice (which you have also washes until clear water and let it boil for another 10 minutes.

Taste to see if the rice is done, if it is, you’re good to go! This soup is pretty thick, so eat with some nan bread on the side (like the top image), or do like me and put the bread inside the bowl in pieces before pouring the soup over.

La de koke i ca 20 minutter på medium varme før du legger til risen (denne vaskes også til vannet er klart) og lar det hele koke i ca. 10 minutter til. 

Smak og sjekk at risen er klar, hvis den er det så er det ferdig! Spises gjerne med nan brød enten på siden eller gjør som meg og del opp i små biter og hell suppa over. Smak til med svart pepper. :-)

Enjoy! :-)

One important and good advice I have for you, if to use one of these:

I have no idea what it is called in English. You want this soup to boil without a lid, but that’s kind of scary with the turmeric. The turmeric is the reason this soup is as yellow as it is, and it’s very very good at staining things. If your soup boils and you get tiny specks of soup water on your kitchen wall or counter; it will be extremely hard to get away. Notice the yellow end of my stirring pin?  90% of the color will go away after the 5th wash or so, but 10% of it will stay forever.

Det er veldig lurt å bruke et slikt lokk du ser på bildet over. Denne suppa skal kokes uten lokk og det vil koke og sprute. Siden det er gurkmeie i suppa så er det lurt å beskytte området rundt. Gurkmeie fester seg på alt det kommer nær og det er vanskelig som fy å få av! Ser du hvor gul rørepinnen min er? Det kommer ikke av at den har vært i suppa nå; den ser sånn ut hele tiden. 


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  1. Nisk means lentils in Kurdish. nîsk -“Linser”

  2. A friend made this for me and it was wonderful. I’m so glad to find a recipe. I did have a question about the measurements. What is a dl?

  3. I made this today. It was delicious. It didn’t get thick like you said it would so I added a small bit of corn starch. Not sure why mine wasn’t thick though.

    Ashley, dl is deciliter, 1/10th of a liter.

  4. I had been looking for a nisk recipe everywhere and I am so glad I found yours. I had nisk a while ago from a family friend and had been craving it for a while. Thank you for posting! I was never a lentils lover until nisk and now I can’t enough of them and this recipe.

  5. I was in Istambul a couple of days ago, just for overnight with my husband. A Kurdish friend took us to a small hole in the wall Kurdish restaurant – and the lentil soup was to die for. I want to make it at home for the fam, so I’m really happy to find this recipe!! Thank you!!

  6. There are aLOT of Kurds here in Nashville, TN (USA) and we eat at Mediterranean (Turkish/Kurdish/Arab) restaurants often. I had been wanting a recipe for this soup for a LONG TIME. Thank you for publishing it! DELISH! :-)


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