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I always seem to fall for this shade of green. Turquoise green? Depend is to many people a cheap brand that’s not worth much. They only buy it for one time use maybe and just forget about it.

People, really? Have you not learned that it’s not about the money? You can buy a Chanel polish that starts flaking 30 minutes after the first coat, and you can buy a Depend that will stay on without a scratch for 3 days in a row. It’s all about the formula with that specific color – not the brand.

The polish looks streaky in this picture, but that’s just the reflection from the window; it’s really not. I’m showing two coats which were very easy to put on and no top-coat. No clean-up or anything needed.

The color is so-so. I think it might be too cold for me. I’ve worn it a lot, but I think I somehow expect it to be warmer every time I put it on, but it never is. :(

I have a lot of yellow in my skin tone, so warmer colors look better on me. The colder the color, the paler I look. ┬áThe polish stays on quite nicely and didn’t chip until evening the second day, and that was mostly my fault. So almost two full days without a top coat. That’s pretty good.


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