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Author recommendation; Harlan Coben

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Since I’m on a somewhat book roll, I thought I’d recommend one of my favorite authors.

I was in a real hurry once, but was desperate for a new book to read so I quickly popped my head in the nearest bookshop. I asked the guy to give me crime, but it had to be part of a series so I could continue reading more books after finishing this one.

I always feel like I get to know the characters, so it sucks to not be able to read more if I end up liking them.

He gave me a Harlan Coben book and I was hooked. He has several series, but the one I got was with a character called Myron Bolitair. I love Myron. I wish Myron existed. And I wish Win, Myron’s partner and best friend, existed.

These two guys are the best. They are such opposites of each other and yet they are perfect together. If you read crime and need some quiet excitement in your life then Harlan Cobens books are something you need to experiene.



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  1. so love it …learning a lot from u :) tnx u! zor supas! :)


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