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Eggs in tomato

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This dish isn’t really Kurdish, as none of the Kurds I’ve shown it to have ever heard of it, but I still like to think it is since it’s something mum made for us. (Quick edit: have been told my plenty of Kurds that this IS Kurdish and it’s something they have all grown up with.)

My version is a bit lazier than my mums seeing as she uses fresh tomatoes and I used canned ones for this one. I think it’s really hard to flavor fresh tomatoes, so I just use the basil flavored canned tomato one.

It’s as easy as get the canned tomato (chopped up ones) in a cold pan, spice it if you wish, and crack the eggs over. Salt the eggs lightly, lid it and have the heat on medium. Leave it on for 10 minutes.

Usually one egg goes on one piece of bread, and you just use all the sauce you want, but I didn’t have any bread so I just plated it and ate it as is. This is extremely easy and it tastes really really good. Try it; you won’t regret it. :-)



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  1. I don’t know who the heck these poor Kurds are who have never had helke u tamata! It’s as Kurdish as can be and a real Kurdish comfort food. Israelis have a much more greasy version, the shakshouka but I prefer ours! Mmmmm helke u tamata for tha win!!

    • The comments on this post on facebook reveals that yeah, this is Kurdish. Such silly Kurds that made me think this wasn’t ours! Psst. Changing categories. :)

  2. “To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.” -Oscar Wilde
    I will have to try this tomorrow.

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  4. Back at home mom made it for us too. She learned it from our Kurd nighbours:) now I make it for my kids :)) happy bearkfast

  5. We are kurdish and my mom made this often at home
    but this meal is also very known in Turkey
    yours looks yummy ^^


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