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Roasted potatoes

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Potatoes is one of the greatest vegetables in the world. You can do basically anything with it and it’ll always taste so good. You really can’t go wrong with potatoes.

This is my setup when I make these delicious little softies.

Start off by cutting them all into the same size, so one piece doesn’t finish before the other.

I always keep the skin on as that’s where all the nutrition is, just remember to wash them real good.

After drying them off a bit; throw them all into a nicely sized plastic bag.

Throw some oil in there with all your spices. Enough oil so that every piece has oil on it, but not so much that they are swimming. How much spices you say? Lots. Don’t be shy, get it all in there. I use chili-, paprika- and garlic powder with a touch of dried basil.

Blow up your bag and spin it so the air doesn’t get out.

What’s my awesome nailpolish, you ask? OPI – Ali’s Big Break.

Now shake. Shake it real good. You want that oil and all those spices to hit each and every single piece of potatoe.

Throw it all onto a piece of baking paper, and throw it into the oven which you of course have preheated to 200C.

Don’t let them hug each other like in my picture. That’s just for show. Spread them so you don’t get any mushy parts. After 15 minutes – grab the biggest piece and try it. If it’s all soft and mushy then it’s ready. If not then just let it rest in there for another 6-7 minutes. Keep a watchful eye after 20 minutes so they don’t get burnt.

Enjoy! :)


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  1. The first dish I learned after I landed in Canada is this one. Well, of course, I don’t use a bag to shake and I don’t cut them into cubes and the spices are different… But this one really reminds me many good things in 2009. So? I gonna make them this weekend. For other vegetarian food recipe, you can always go to :
    Check it out~hope you enjoy cooking!


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