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Graham Norton <3

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Have you ever seen the awesomness that is Graham Norton? This guy.. ah this guy. <3

He comes on really late here, which is very annoying. I sleep early every night, so having to keep myself awake until midnight every friday evening is almost like torture, but I have to do it to get myself some Graham action.

What he makes him so great is his suits, the stage, his sense of humor, his way of talking and being, his facial expressions and the way the show it set up. He starts off with 2-3 minutes stand up where he usually puns other celebrities and stuff. Then he inivites all three guests on stage at the same time. This is usually a famous celebrity, a comedian and then a less known to-be-famous person.

Having another comedian as guest makes his job a whole lot easier as he doesn’t have to be funny ALL the time, even tho he still manages to be.

Someone needs to introduce him to Moods of Norway suits. :-)


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  1. He’s the best :)

    Episodene hans legges ut på youtube av div. folk, lettere å få sett det der og litt mer oppdatert ;)

  2. Avin Rostami

    He is quite funny, jeg ler meg i hell av og til:)


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