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New Years Eve nails

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These are the nails I did for new years this year. I originally just had black polish on and had no real plans on doing something fun. I don’t really like new years eve as it’s never as awesome as people expect it to be, but I felt black might be a little too dramatic and.. sad. I didn’t have too many glitter polishes so I decided to make one.

I threw on a layer of a golden H&M polish I have and dipped my nail in glitter I had bought to decorate christmas presents.

I was somewhat scared about how I would get all the glitter off that ended up around the nail, so I just used normal tape around the nails so I could just take it off. Luckily, this glitter wasn’t the type to stick to your skin, so all I had to do was tap on the other side of my finger to get all the excess glitter off. Then I pressed the glitter flat onto the nail and threw on a bunch of top coat to get a somewhat smooth surface. It stayed on all night and the next day I had a bunch of fun picking it off piece by piece. :p


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  1. Avin Rostami

    wow love it!


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