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Fried rice

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Fried rice was something you got in Asian restaurants for me before. I never thought of making it at home because.. well.. I’m not Asian. Stupid, right? The simplest and most sensible things skip our minds sometimes.

There’s always different things in my fried rice as I just chop up what ever I have in my refrigerator. Last night it ended up with two types of onion, chili and squash. I threw them all together and let fry for 5-7 minutes on medium-high heat.

The meat I use also changes from shrimp to chicken to beef. This time it was chicken ham which was chopped up and thrown into the mix. Remember to not turn the heat down too much or it’ll start boiling instead of frying. And remember to spice it a bit. I used garlic, basil, black pepper and salt. I wish I had used a bit of chili powder too as the chili I put in wasn’t as spicy as I had wished.

Before doing all this, you have of course already made your basmati rice since it needs to cool down. If you throw hot rice in there, it’s going to get all sticky which I don’t want.

When the chicken looks about done, mix in rice little by little and let it get some frying love. This whole dish takes around 30-40 minutes and it’s awesome and very easy.

Throw some sweet chili on or some soy sauce and you’re ready to go!

Enjoy! :-)


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  1. I LOOOOVE fried rice. Yours looks amazing. I have started making mine with either brown rice or quinoa.

  2. Aside from your recipe being awesome, your photos are amazing. Beautiful work here. I love how you focused in so close on the food, and really captured the rich color. As a fellow food-photo-poster, I’m constantly looking to improve. Have a good day, inspiration! :)

    • Aww, how sweet you are! Thanks a bunch. :-) I’ll be sure to check in on your blog; I’m sure you have some awesome recipes I haven’t tried yet.


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