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My cheesy breakfast

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I like cheese. I love cheese. I love it even more now than I did a few years back because I found out it’s one of the few milk products I can still eat after becoming lactose intolerant. The gorgeousness above is pesto, mozzarella and tomato.

I saw this guy on the Oprah show that talked about how much it sucked being lactose intolerant and not being able to have cheese.  I still have no idea what that guy is talking about; we CAN have cheese. Brie and normal white/yellow cheese doesn’t have lactose in it except for a few like mozzarella (I’m eating it cause I’m trying to build up my tolerance).

Maybe cheese in the US isn’t the same as cheese here in Europe? I mean, I -know- it’s different, but THAT different? You should get your cheese shipped from over here.

Even I have to go to Sweden to get me some cottage cheese as Norway is far behind on getting lactose-free products. It’s only 1,5 hours away so it’s not too bad. I’ve been away from it for 3-4 years and have finally gotten it back. I think I went through 5 boxes of cottage cheese in a week or so a couple of months back. Addicted, much?

I love cheese and I will always love cheese. If I don’t have a 2-3 types in my refrigerator, I feel like I have nothing to eat. Cheese is a must. What you see above is called Taffel cheese with tomato flavor.

All I’m missing now is brown cheese, which is something only Norway has. The lactose amount in those are through the roof though, so will probably never have it again. *sad*

Enjoy your cheese people, even if you’re lactose intolerant!


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  1. Have you had the Jalapeño cheese from Tine? mmm


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