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Jgar – Chicken liver

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Chicken liver, the absolute best part of the chicken, am I right? I remember us always fighting over who got it and it always went to the youngest one at the table that wanted it. I still have trouble giving it up to a child as I still love it so much.

Chicken liver – it sounds gross, doesn’t it? I never really thought about it as it’s something we ate since we were kids, but later in life I have gotten a lot of ewws when I mention it.

When I figured out that they were selling chicken liver in the store, I kept buying and frying and eating until mum figured out exactly how much I was having and sort of freaked out. “You can’t have that much chicken liver! It’s bad for you!”. She never managed to tell me why tho, so I decided not to believe in it.

Until this blog post. As I was writing this, I decided to google it and see if there was any truth to it. Here is what I found:

It follows concern that people are getting too much vitamin A in their diet, with liver being a prime suspect. Too much vitamin A over a long period can weaken bones. For pregnant women, it can harm their unborn baby.


Righty-o. No more chicken liver for a while. My bones are weak enough as it is! Or.. maybe I’ll just read some more up on it in case I still can have it. Addicted, much?

Here my chicken liver is fried with some salt only resting on a bed of squash, onion and potato.


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