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I’ve been thinking about this blog for the last week now and how I’ve not had time to write anything. It sucks! I’ve had crappy dinners and barely anytime to cook. I had some time today and I made a simple mahalabi.

I only know this mahalabi as it’s what mum made for us, and this is the first time I make it myself and it looks like a really easy recipe to have fun with!

This is made with two spoons sugar and two spoons cornflour mixed in with 7 dl of cold milk. Taste here to see if you want more sugar or not. I would have probably used one more. Heat up to a buble while mixing all the time until it starts thickening. It should take about 10 minutes. Then just pour into suitable bowls and either eat warm or leave until cold like I have. If you do leave until cold, you’ll get a tick layer on top which you can for example sprinkle cinnamon on.

I can just image heating up some chocolate and mixing in with this or maybe have some pieces of fruit or something. I can’t wait to experiment!



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  1. U can add some unsalted Pistachio on top ;-)

  2. I will definitely try that some day! Thanks :-)

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