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Charming homemade sushi

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The first time I tried sushi I couldn’t get myself to take a proper bite so I only tried a tiny tiny piece of salmon and I remember thinking it didn’t taste much, but I didn’t like the consistency.

It took a couple of years before I tried it again and that time I just took a salmon nigiri, dipped it in soy sauce and threw the whole thing in my mouth. That’s all it took and I ate it four days in a row.

I have just recently started making it at home as I didn’t want my love for sushi to be ruined because I failed to make it properly. I still don’t feel like I’ve managed to make it perfect (my perfect, not Japanese-perfect), but I do enjoy it when I make it myself.

I’ve bought finished rice vinegar which I blend sugar and salt in with and pour onto the rice while still hot. I then put it to the side and let it cool. The rice part is pretty tricky; I’ve made it perfectly twice and failed once. What you need to remember is to wash the rice until clear <- important with all types of rice.

For two people, I used 2 dl rice in 4 dl water and let cook for around 15 minutes. Let cool and then use 1 dl rice vinegar which you have put in 1 tablespoon sugar and one teaspoon salt.

I also mix my own chili mayo (above) by using normal mayo which I put chilipowder in as well as a few drops of tabasco to make it hot.

I’ve bought the seaweed already dried (ofc) and it comes with 10 pieces inside. Put it on your rolling pad which you have rolled plastic around so the rice doesn’t stick to it. If you want the rice around your maki then you start with the rice on the pad and then put the rugged side of the nori down so the rice sticks to it.

Start putting all the goodies you want on it, but don’t get carried away so your maki doesn’t become too big and tough to roll. Control yourself! ;)

Squeeze down while rolling and roll hard. People say it’s hard to roll it perfectly tight, but I’ve never had an issue with it. You’ll be fine too, I’m sure.

I can only manage two of these and barely that. One roll makes around 7 makis depending on how big you cut them. 12 makis is plenty!

Don’t be scared like me even tho it’s a bit tricky the first few times. Just make it and you’ll get the hang of it pretty soon. Like everything else out there; it’s cheaper and healthier if you make it yourself! Then you at least know exactly what’s in it. This is also a super dish for vegetarians and vegans. Just remove fish and add tofu!

Good luck! :-)


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  1. These look awesome! Nice job, I need to buy me a sushi kit, definitely gonna try for myself!

  2. Avin Rostami

    yumi, looks good!


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