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Chocolate Pudding

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When I made the Mahalabi a little while back, I ended the post by saying “I can just image heating up some chocolate and mixing in with this…” which is exactly what this is!

I was googling custard when someone had mixed custard and chocolate pudding, so my mind went “oh, chocolate!” and I got obsessed with making chocolate pudding. I googled and wound up on this recipe from allrecipes.

It’s exactly like making the mahalabi but with chocolate in it. Here’s the recipe:

100 g white sugar
15 g unsweetened cocoa powder
30 g cornstarch
0.8 g salt
650 ml milk
25 g margarine or butter
5 ml vanilla extract (I don’t have vanilla extract, so I used two teaspoons vanilla sugar instead).

You mix all of it in with the milk before putting it on the heat. And you make sure you mix it well! Then put it on your stove and have it on medium high heat. My stove goes to 3 and I had it on 2,5. Make sure you stir it constantly until it gets tick and it sticks to the back of a spoon. Then you just pour it over what ever you want it in and nom it warm or wait until cool.

When I tasted this before putting it on the heat, it tasted like chocolate milk for kids. It’s extremely sweet! I haven’t actually tried the pudding yet except the few tries I had while it was heating up and I think it tastes exactly like frosting you make for a childs chocolate cake. It’s very yummy, but it will also give you 5 cavities by the time you finish eating it.

So next time I make this, I will definitely go for 100 to 70g sugar, get the vanilla extract (I have to order it online which is why I haven’t bothered yet) and maybe add a tablepsoon of coffee to age the taste a bit.

Gonna have some later tonight! Nom! :)


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  1. I love your photos… especially the last one. :)


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