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Traditional Norwegian; Cod

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cod |käd| (also codfish)
a large marine fish with a small barbel on the chin.

• FamilyGadidae (the cod family): many genera and species, in particular the North Atlantic Gadus morhua, of greatcommercial importance as a food fish and as a source of cod liver oil. The cod family also includes the haddock, ling, pollack, whiting, and other food fishes.

I got myself some traditional Norwegian dinner last night. I heard beforehand that salt and pepper was exotic back in the day, so there wasn’t really much flavor in traditional Norwegian food, but since we have all the spices that we do today, why not use them?

Here’s what we used for two people which would have been enough for 3 very hungry people or 4 not so hungry:

550g of cod (it was the smallest piece they had!)
6 medium potatoes
4 carrots
1 large broccoli
2 eggs
flour with salt, pepper and ready-mixed fish spice which includes: salt, tomato, peppers, onion, garlic, chili, black peppers. white pepper, dill, saffron and some others.

What you do is slice up your cod, toss them in the eggs which you have whisked, and then in the flour mix. You then fry it in butter in a normal pan.

All you do with the potatoes is boil them and you steam the broccoli and the carrots. There is no sauce on the food other than some melted butter. This meal was actually very good and such a huge difference from Kurdish food which is nice once in a while.


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