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MaxFactor – Disco Pink

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A few days ago I felt somewhat gloomy and put on the black Color Club polish I showed last and I actually kept it until today, which is crazy. I felt much brighter today with the sun being out, so I went looking in my polish stash. I haven’t worn pink a long time and thought I might as well try the tiny MaxFactor sampler polish I got in a goodie bag a while ago. It’s very opaque and I didn’t really need the two coats you are seeing here.


I just put it on like 20 minutes ago so I don’t have much to say about it. It’s very pink and very appropriate for the lovely weather in Oslo these days. I’ll be cooking an entire chicken in a couple of hours so I’ll come back with an update as to how the nails hold up under that treatment. Hopefully it’ll be tough enough and not chip!



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  1. Avin Rostami

    so summer fresh, love it:)


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