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Karnabit – Cauliflower snacks

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cauliflower |ˈkôliˌflou(-ə)r; ˈkäli-|
cabbage of a variety that bears a large immature flowerhead of small creamy-white flower buds.
• the flowerhead of this plant eaten as a vegetable.

Hey guys.

This post was suppose to be about cooking an entire chicken in the oven which I was suppose to do yesterday, but since the chicken hadn’t thawed all the way through, I decided to make it today, so that post will come either later this evening or tomorrow.

But, what I do have is a post about karnabit which means cauliflower in Kurdish. This is a snack that I think I’ve tasted once before when I was very young so I figured it wasn’t to good since Mum never made it. When I asked her about it tho, her entire face lit up and she went “YUM! Karnabit ZOR xosha!”, which means it’s really good.

I never managed to get a recipe from her so I used the one in Kefta, Kobba, Kosi;

Chop up your cauliflower into small bitesize pieces and boil them until semi-shoft. This does NOT take long, so keep checking even after 3 minutes or so.

You then  dip them in the marinade you’ve made from 2 eggs, 1 spoon regular flour, 1 ts salt, 1,5 ts of turmeric, curry and garam masala.

Put your apron on and fry them nommies the healthiest oil you’ve got.

I decided to put them on paper to get some of the oil away. I’m starting to see why old Kurdish men all seem to have huge bellies!

Karnabit is usually had as an evening snack or lunch, like I had today. And it’s usually served with salad or nan bread on the side. I didn’t have either today so I just had them with chili sauce which worked well. :-)
You’re suppose to fry them until tan like I have in the picture above, but when I made this again I’m definitely frying them more. The crunchy coat was awesome!



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