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Roasted chicken

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chicken |ˈ ch ikən|
a domestic fowl kept for its eggs or meat, esp. a young one.• meat from such a bird : roast chicken.

Happy Easter everyone!

I’ve been so slow with this post. It was suppose to come last Tuesday, but I got caught up in packing and cleaning the house before going on easter vacation, which is also the reason as to why I only have 3 images this post. Tsk. Lazy me.

I’m gonna jump right into it. Get yourself a chicken which is thawed all the way through and put your oven on 180 C. Get a tiny bowl and mix together some soysauce, oil, lemon and spices you like. I used salt and black pepper only as the soy sauce has so much flavor. Chicken with only salt is awesome.

Exact recipe is 3 tbls of soy sauce and oil and half a lemon. I won’t use that much next time as it was way too much.

Start painting on the sauce and get it all over the chicken. Thick layer and in every corner you see. Toss the chicken in the preheated oven for 30 minutes, take out and turn around and put back inside for another 30 minutes. That’s it! :-)

I didn’t have time to make this dish the way I wanted to because of the whole pack-and-clean-the-house-before-leaving thing, which is kind of annoying. If I was to make it today I would have had potatoes under the chicken and tossed in carrots and squash at the halfway mark. This is awesome left-over food as well for lunch the next day or so.

Can someone tell me why the skin on the chicken didn’t get crispy? The meat was extreemely moist and basically melted in your mouth, so it wasn’t that big of a deal, but crispy skin is awesome and it’s what I was going for, but it didn’t happen. Anyone?

Today is the last day of Easter here so I’m going to log off and go enjoy the sun. Enjoy, everyone! :-)


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  1. ¡¡ Excelent Sophie !!
    I invite you to visit my Blog.

  2. one trick i use for crispy skin – use butter and rub it on and underneath the skin. works like a charm :).

    great blog btw!

    • Oh, great advise! I’m definitely trying that one. :-) I’m also going to try the whole chicken on beer-can thing too so it never touches anything. That should help with the skin as well. Thanks. :)


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