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I’ve become a juicer!

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I’ve become a juicer! Well, I haven’t quite become a juicer yet. I’ve bought the machine which is a Philips HR1861DVD; I’ve heard tons of good things about it so I’m hoping it’s awesome. Don’t like that it’s so bulky, but I don’t mind if it’s really good. For people in Norway: this costs 945,- online at, but in the store it costs 1495,-. If you still want to actually go to the store and get it, then an order online and choose that you want to pick it up in the store, then you get the online price.


I’ve also bought a book called “the big book of juices” which has 400 recipes of juice types and smoothies in it. It looks really good and the recipes look really exciting! I also just saw that it has gotten nothing but good reviews on Amazon.
I’ve been excited to come home and make myself a juice all day; I even bought two huge bags of fruit and vegetables to start squishing, but I’ve just gotten home from a chinese restaurant where I had a 5-course meal, so I’m not too hungry. But tomorrow morning I’m definitely starting the day with a juice. I can’t wait! :-)


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  1. It haas a robuxt 850 watt motor, so it basiically tears fruits and veggies aside,
    leaving yoou with tons of juice in thee pitcher and absolutesly nothing butt dry pulp
    in thhe pulp catcher. Justt bee surre to checck thhe ingredients and double check
    with someone wwho works there. dog food iis which experts claim raw with thse procesxed
    foods also contain added tbsp if they are seeking a technique to lose weight.
    The more they seem it who’s long and actual a store.


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