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My first juice

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Here’s my first juice! I flipped through the huge book of recipes and couldn’t decide. Then I saw that she, the author, has put up different weekly recipes to try. “The first week” and “the cleansing week” are two examples. So obviously, I went for the first recipe she recommended which is two oranges and two apples.

Chopped up the apples so they fit into the tube on the machine and turn the knob to II which is the speed suited for harder fruits and vegetables.

It made a mess inside the machine!

Luckily it’s very easy to clean. You just take the lid off and rinse it. It was really fun to see the juice coming out. Here the orange juice is blending with the apple that was already in it.

It was awesome! It was so fresh and made me feel healthy. The night before I hadn’t put the fruit in the refrigerator so the juice wasn’t as cold as I wanted it to be and I of course had no ice cubes. If it was that awesome luke warm, I can’t imagine the awesomeness of it really cold.

You also get plenty of pulp when you’re done. What the little book that comes with the machine says to use with it us make cakes and facial masks. I decided to throw it away for now since I didn’t have anything planned beforehand.


I’m pretty sure I’m going to get hooked on these. I made a new juice around 10 minutes after the first one. This time I went for a carrot version which was 4 carrots, 2 kiwis and 1 apple. YUM!

I love the way it looks when it separates. It looks fancy! Just grab a teaspoon and mix it up before drinking, but it separates quickly so keep the teaspoon with you.

Get juicing people, it’s super nom and super healthy!


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