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Weird food combinations

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If hungry-time comes around and I still haven’t decided what to eat, I end up getting really discouraged. I get cranky cos I either want everything or I don’t want anything. It’s even worsewhen cooking for just myself, which is what these two quick dishes are about.

The dinner above was just weird. I wanted something healthy, but I didn’t want to spend much time on it. I looked through all the cabinets and the fridge, but there really wasn’t much in them so I had to get creative. I saw the gross chicken patties I’ve written about once before and thought “ey, this is the reason we got these!”, so I got a couple of those and fried them, but I had nothing to eat it with. No bread, no vegetables, nothing. So I ended up making some rice and thought “oh, well, this is going to be awesomely dry” so I kept looking and I found a can of ┬áchickpeas and tossed that in there. To make myself feel a bit better, I chopped up the only green thing I had which was cucumber. :x It tasted surprisingly OK, actually! Except for the chicken, which I regret using. But chickpeas + rice is a super awesome combination.

This second one here is lunch yesterday. I usually have bread or a salad for lunch, but I had neither. So again I had to get creative as I wasn’t in the mood to go to the store. I found a single egg which I fried. I ended up just looking at it for like 2 minutes and think “erm.. this tiny thing here is going to be my lunch?”. Then I remember I got these tiny soup bags which is for one cup, where you only add hot water. It’s a mexican tomato soup which is reaaallly good, but not that good for you. So if anyone has got a good mexican tomato soup recipe for me, HOLLA.

I still wasn’t pleased as I was extremely hungry, so I got my last can of chickpeas and threw it in there and I can’t tell you how good this was. Seriously. I’m definitely having this again soon. The only bad thing about the soup is that it has tiny bit of cream in it so my stomach reacts to it (being lactose intolerant and all), so I can’t have it too often.

I love weird combinations!

PS. More kurdish food coming up soon.


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  1. ericascime

    Weird foods often end up being the best! :)


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