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Sawer – bulgur

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bulgar |ˈbəlgər| (also bulgur, bulgar wheat)nouna
cereal food made from whole wheat partially boiled then dried:
[as adj. ] bulgar wheat

 Nom, sawer! Sawer is one of those dishes that I didn’t really ever think about until it was made and if it was made correctly, it would be aaaawesome. Especially if you have some shifta left over from the day before that you can have with.

I had never made this before until I decided to try yesterday. I followed my fathers instructions step by step, but it didn’t turn out 100%. It turned out 98%, but the last two % bugs me.

Here’s what I did. I grabbed one full glass of bulgur which is enough for two people. I chopped up the onions (which I should have chopped up a little more)..

… tossed in a huge tablespoon of tomato purée…

… and then poured the water in and salted. The amount of water is apparently 1,7 times as much as the amount of bulgur (or rice) you have. So since I had one full glass of bulgur, I used one full glass and one glass with a little bit more than half.

I waited until the water started boiling and tossed the bulgur in. When I watched my dad do this, he had the oven on full heat until the last 10 minutes or so, which is what I tried to do but that failed completely.  The water vanished way too fast and I had to add a little bit more and turn it the heat down to medium and then down to low after a few minutes. I kept it under lid for 10 minutes or so at a time before stirring it around a bit.

The 2% I complain about is the wetness. Bulgur is suppose to be slightly more wet than rice, and mine was, but I think it was just a tad too wet.

Nonetheless, it tasted awesome and now I know about the heat for next time. Make it and enjoy the much healthier version of rice! :)


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  1. Avin Rostami

    I defiantly have to try this one :) looks so yumiii

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  4. I’m currently living in Suli, and I have been trying to collect recipes. Hazm le sawere! This is great – I ask women I know how to make these dishes and it’s all “a little of this, a pinch of that…” but this site is the best, I have something concrete to follow. Zor supas, Sophie gian!

  5. WOW i looove your blog!! i loove kurdish food and i am really pissed of that i can not cook them… maybe one day i learn it from my mo!!


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