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How to: nail polish jewelry

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OPI – Show it and Glow it! and OPI – Teenage Dream

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  1. Can you tell us where you got your supplies? Thanks for the tips. Thank you.

    • I got mine from a store on Etsy called happysupplies. The items were good, but it took a long time for it to come, so I might look for someone else next time. But she has a lot of different cabochons and stuff, so it’s very easy to get different items from her.

      Good luck!

  2. These rings are gorgeous!

  3. Thanks to you I’ve started to make some :)
    I prefer to paint only on the cabochon, coat after coat, but both results are good, I think I’m just less patient than you :D
    Oh, and thanks for mentionning Happy Supplies, I bought my findings from them and I’m so happy of them ! ^^

  4. Thank you so much! I’ll sure make a lot of rings =)

  5. Thank you Sophie for sharing! :) I’m a huge fan of nail polish & I’m glad to have found your post! Already bought the supplies from ebay & will translate my OPI collection all into jewellery! SO EXCITED! Hehe.

  6. No problem at all. I’m happy for you! :)

  7. Thank you!!! This is so very cool…my daughter and I love making jewelry and were wondering what to do with my “old collection” of nail polish–now we know! And the video was great, thanks for the link!!

  8. What are the cabochons made of? Are they resin? Acrylic? Thanks for the tut, I’m totally going to try this.

  9. Thank you SO much for sharing!
    I will go make rings now! :)

  10. Very cool rings! Thanks for the post.


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