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Shfta – Fried Meatballs part 2

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Shfta part 2 has begun!

Since my first batch of shfta didn’t turn out the way I wanted them to, I thought I should try it again.

I again used 400g of minced meat, and this time I made sure I bought celery and not coriander. The only issue is that in the supermarkets here, they don’t sell the leaves, only the sticks. So I just picked the one with most leaves left in it and chopped it up.

I used 2 huge spoons of tomato puré and one yellow grated onion. For spices, I didn’t really measure, but I used salt, lots of black pepper, lots of chili and garlic (should have used fresh garlic).

I was actually going to use potato instead of flour, but I forgot to buy it and I was too lazy to go back. I didn’t measure the amount of flour either – SORRY. I’ll be better next time!

I used a spoon to mash it all together and added more flour when the mix didn’t feel firm. As soon as I felt like I could hold one vertically without it falling apart; then I had enough flour.


I fried one to check the spices (as I have issues with tasting raw meat), and it was good! It was actually very good!

I’m going to make this again soon and actually write up what I use. Sorry for this post being so vague.




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