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Riiiight, so I finally dared to make kobbe. Kobbe is a ball of fried rice with meat inside and my one most favorite meal in the world. I always got SO excited when mum said she was making it, so I’ve been a bit scared of making it myself – just in case I mess it up. I didn’t want to taste bad kobbe!

I decided to follow the recipe in my K,K,K book, ’cause then I could blame that if it failed. Here it is:

13 dl jasmine rice
500g minced meat
1 dl almonds
Half a celery stick with leaves (I used the celery stick without leaves and rosmary)
1,5 dl raisins (I skipped these)
1 onion

Spices: curry, turmeric, salt, garam masala, jeera

So, you start off by making the rice since it needs to cool down. The book says to put it in hot water for 10-15 minutes, and then you put it in 11 dl of boiling water with 1 tblsp salt, 1 tsp turmeric and 1 ts curry.  Cook it for 20 minutes. I slightly failed at the rice; I’ll tell you how later.

When it’s cooled off and you’re ready to use it, you knead it to a doughy consistency. Keep putting water on your hands so it doesn’t stick so much.

And on to the meatmix. You need to get the skin off the almonds so just heat up some water and put them in for 10 minutes or so. Then you just slide the skin off and you split the almonds in half.

You boil the minced meat for 20 minutes in 3 dl of water with 1,5 tblsp salt. Chop up the celery, rosmary (or celery leaves) and the onion and put everything in with the meat. Spice that up with 1 tsp curry, garam masala, jeera and 1,5 tsp turmeric.

Now you’re set. Heat up some oil and start making the balls. This part was much more tricky than I thought, but you just gotta make a ball first and then start flattening it out from there. Remember using water as that also works as glue for the rice.

The mistake I made with the rice is that I forgot to lid it straight away, so a lot of the water disappeared really fast. When it had boiled for 15 minutes or so, I checked it out and it was really sticky so I figured it was done. But when we started frying the kobbe, we noticed that the rice didn’t turn out soft like I’m used to; it turned out kind of hard. We tried lowering the heat and frying them less until I figured out that it was the rice that missed water. I remember it being much easier to shape and form when I made it with mum, and now it was kind of tough and I got tired in my arm after a while.

But we ate them, and then we ate some more, and then we ate the rest. The recipe makes around 40-50 kobbe, but we only made around 25. I threw away the rice and I’m remaking it (much much less this time) today since I have a lot of the meatmix left. These freeze just fine as well, so if you make too many, just toss them in the freezer and heat them up later.

I made kobbe! And I was really happy with it even! Yay :-) *happy dance* This is definitely becoming a normal dinner in this house. Hopefully I’ll get the rice perfect today and I’ll let you know the recipe to make less than 50 of them.

Edit: So I did make more rice the day I wrote this entry, and I made as much as when I make rice usually. One drinking glass. It made 12 kobbe and it was just enough for 2 people. If you do make that much tho, you’ll have lots of meat leftover, so it might be easier to just make the huge amount and freeze them for an easy snack later. 

It didn’t turn out hard at all when I made the rice correctly either, so that was awesome. Make sure it’s wet enough and that you lid it straight away! :)




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  1. Avin Rostami

    ååå de så deilige og helt perfekt ut, sist jeg prøvde så gikk det akkurat så bra, risen holdte seg ikke:/ men skal nok bruke oppskriften din :) takk!

    • Avin Rostami

      Et spørsmål, tror du at man kan bruke vilt ris istedenfor vanlig ris?

      • Jaa, de ble kjempegode! :) Nam nam! Hm, jeg tviler. Viltris er vel noe ala brun ris? Og så vidt jeg vet så blir ikke det veldig mykt og det er ikke sticky i det hele tatt? Det er derfor det er jasmin ris og ikke basmati; så det faktisk blir supersticky når det er ferdig. Du kan jo prøve, men da tror jeg du må koke de ekstra lenge og mose de ekstra mye når det er ferdig. Lykke til!

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