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Summer salad

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Summer here in Oslo hasn’t exactly been very summery, so I decided to make a summery dinner to get the feel of it. I really don’t like salads who are just full of different kinds of leaves; I like my salads to be a mouthful of different textures, flavors and hopefully nutrients!

This is what I mixed for two people which would have been enough for three people:

1 avocado
1 red chili
2 tomatoes
half a cucumber
4 radishes
2 dl couscous
4 artichoke hearts
half a pack of beansprouts
a lemon
small amount of leftover chives
and a can with a mix of 3 different beans

I just roughly chopped everything up and squeezed the entire lemon over the whole thing and mixed it up. That’s it! It was so so so good and so fresh! Have it alone or have it with some meat; doesn’t matter. You’ll love it anyway. :-)


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