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Since I still had 8 bananas left after yesterdays banancake, I decided to make more bananafoods. I of course went straight for the muffins and I got the recipe from allrecipes once again. I’m being too lazy to think of any thing atm and the bananas are becoming almost too ripe. Gotta use them fast!

This is the recipe I followed and here’s what I did. This was superfast.

I took all the wet ingredients which were melted butter, 3 large mashed bananas, 1 egg and 150g sugar (not wet, but still..) and whisked those together properly. I added one teaspoon of vanilla extract which wasn’t on the ingredient list.

Chunky and yummy! Mmm :)

I then took all the dry ingredients which were flour, baking soda and powder and salt and mixed those together.

Several of the comments below said to not mix the dry and the wet too much and to do it by hand so I did just that. I tossed all the dry in the wet and I slowly just mixed it until all the flour was gone. Make sure to scrape the sides and bottom to get it all.

If you want to add anything like chocolate, nuts or dried fruit then now is the time to do it.

I forgot to say it again, but hopefully you remember to preheat your oven to 175C because now all you have to do it pop them in. The recipe says 10-15 minutes for the small ones and 25-30 minutes for the big ones.

Mine were small so I let them stay for around 15 minutes. In the image above you see how much I filled them up.

Look how they turned out! My silly muffins went out instead of up. Haha! :) I need to get myself some proper muffin shapes.

The first batch I made was 16 muffins. I still had some batter left so I added some chocolate to them and made 8 more. So in total, this recipe made 22 small muffins.

And let me just tell you; they were so fluffy and yummy. SO good! I’m definitely making this again especially when they were so easy and fast! It’s also very easy to experiment with so this is a perfect recipe in my eyes. :)

Oh, and I still have 5 bananas left! Gah, they will never end!


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