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Apple marmelade

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When my mum gave me a bag of around 30 apples I started thinking of things I could do with them that I haven’t before. Tarte tatin is one of them, but I also thought I could try and make apple marmelade for the first time.
I saw myself with a cute apron out in the country somewhere with a huge casserole full of apples just stirring and making awesomeness happen. My non-existing kids and dog were running around and I would be a proper old school housewife. Ah, the daydreams. In reality, this was so easy it was almost a little disappointing. I sort of wish it had been more difficult. :/

I googled some and figured out that everyone really just does the same and I thought I’d do that the first time (what I’m showing here) before I move on to more exciting explorations.

I weighed up 2 kg apples and sat down in front of Dr.Phil with my tea and started peeling and cutting.

I added 1 dl water and put it on medium low heat. Now 1 dl water seemed really little to me; I has trouble understanding how that could turn into all of them dissolving. So I kept a watchful eye on it and tried not to stir too much. I was just so scared it would burn! It didn’t, and after 30 minutes or so, it looked like this. See water coming up?

And soon after that, it looked like this.

So I got my mountain of sugar ready. Isn’t my Tinker Bell cute? :) Bought at the Disney shop in Paris! All the recipes said 500g-1,5kg sugar, so I decided to go for 600g.

With that mountain I mixed in some pectin. I bought the brand Certo which smelled like old bandaid that needs changing. Mix them in together well before you put it in the apples.

I tossed it in and mixed it around just enough that it felt like it was in there. I didn’t want to break up the apples more as I wanted chunky pieces so I was being careful. I let it stay on the heat for about 3-4 minutes or so after putting it in.

That’s it! It’s done. The process really wasn’t harder than that (..sadly). I filled up two old jam jars and a lunch box. Remember to boil your jars to make sure they’re properly clean.


I couldn’t wait with trying it so I tried it while it was lukewarm and that wasn’t my cup of tea, really. But I’m sitting here right now, the day after, with two slices of bread and this gorgeous apple marmalade and just thoroughly enjoying myself. It turned out perfect! :)


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