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Kobbe – Mama style

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I sat down and jotted notes when mum decided to make kobbe the other day. Watching the ease which with she does things made me slightly embarrassed over myself. It was just purely routine for her and chop chop chop; it was done.

For the meatmix, she used 750g minced meat, half a green pepper, two small white onions and half a red one. She also used a huge handful of celery leaves.

For the rice, she used normal basmati rice and not jasmine rice like I was told to use. She said she has always used basmati and felt no reason as why to not use it. She used 6,5 dl rice and 1,5 L water where she added salt and a small amount of turmeric and curry. My kobbe turned out as yellow as they did because I added much more turmeric than she did. She had the rice in water for about 2 hours before making it.

Right. She started off by frying the meat in a substantial amount of oil. When it was browned up and really well minced, she added all the onion and turned the heat down. After the onions has been in there for a long time, she added the peppers and the leaves and put a lid on it. She only used salt and a little bit of black pepper.

I didn’t think the mix would be on the stove for so long, but it was on for ages! I was told it was all about making the mix as soft as possible as you can tell by the image below.

After this, she started making the rice. It was just like making normal rice, except the amount of water was slightly too much so the rice turned out perfectly mushy. It was on max heat until I slightly freaked out about it cos I thought it would burn soon, but she just smiled, shook her head and told me to go away. She put a lid on it turned the heat down to medium for just a little bit at the end.

Now it needs to cool down. Last time she took the meat outside to cool down, birds flocked around it and ate it, so watch out. :)

After it has cooled down, you start the shaping and making. She was much more clever than me and used gloves! Gah, why didn’t I think of that.

Before they go in the heat, you coat them with whisked egg. For this batch of 30 kobbe, she only used 1 egg.

She used a normal pan for the frying. And she let it get so warm, I again thought she was a little crazy. What she did tho was put them in and almost instantly turn them all around. It gave them a thin coat that was crispy so they wouldn’t fall apart. Then I just let them stay until one side was tan and then turned it around again for the other side.

Get them all fried up and enjoy. :-)



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  1. GAH! This might be one of my very fav Kurdish dishes (I think I say that about everyone lol) especially with soup. It looks super intimidating to make, though!

  2. YA! kifta… what’s the difference?!?

    • Kifta has a different spice mix in the rice and it’s boiled with the soup and everything that’s in it. It’s not fried like kobbe is :)

      • Oh, okay. I think I’ve had Kobbe as well. Have you written a post on Kifta?

      • No, but it’s coming. I’m taking advantage of my mum being here. :)

      • Also, how did you add the Preemptive Love Banner to the side of your blog? I’m trying to add it to mine as well.

      • In the Widgets section, I added a “Text” and in there I just typed in the text that they have put out on the website under each banner. :)

  3. YUM! That looks delicious! I’ve never heard of these before. Thanks for sharing! I’m new to blogging here and I just love how supportive and creative everyone is! If you have time, could you please check out my blog? If you have any, I would love some advice :)

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  5. I actually recently made Kibbeh based on an Arab recipe, it was pretty good but it was meat-bulgur mixture on the outside. It looks like you prepare it with a rice mixture on the outside which looks amazing, can you please let me know how you did the rice mixture? Is it just soft mushy rice with some seasoning? This is the first time I have come across Kurdish food, everything looks delicous, please let me know about how you prepared the outside part of the Kibbeh.

  6. this looks delicious!!! I was wondering if baking the kibbeh would work instead of frying it. THANKS =)

  7. I’ve been looking for this recipe for a while! My “Kurdish Mother” (my best friend’s mom) makes these and I’ve been wanting to learn!

  8. Hello! I liked your post on the Kobe, but I was just wondering on the green she put , you mention celery but by looking at the picture it looks like Italian parsley? Just wanted to check and make sure.

  9. I will definitely try this to make for my kurdish husband.Thank you.❤

  10. Can we freeze these ?

  11. Did you use any seasonings in the meat mixer?

  12. Patricia Al-sawad

    Green pepper? Bell pepper or hot green peppers. And 6,5 dl rice can you tell me in cups please.


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