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Kifta – Mama style

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I’ve been taking images of Mum cooking lately, so this is another picture thread with a kind-of recipe, but not quite. I’ll make this myself from scratch soon and come with a proper recipe, but here’s a semi-recipe until then. :)

This is kifta! It’s a ball made from either rice or the thing my mum made it with which I don’t know the name to. The image is below so if you know, let me know! It looked like couscous at first, but it was much smaller. In Kurdish it’s called “brwezh”. Inside the ball there’s meatmix with almonds, onion, raisins and parsley¬†and it’s cooked in a red soup with chickpeas.

She got a big glass of water and poured it over and mixed it around a bit with her hand and just left it while tending to the meatmix. She also put a teaspoon or so salt in this.

She used both white and red onion for the flavor she said. “Kurds only use white onion for some reason; they need to open their eyes to new things!”. So yep, red onion is the thing to use, people. :)

After half hour or so, she started knead the mix so it got firmer and firmer. She would just add more water if it got too hard.

Soon it all looked like she was making kobbe. She was doing the exact same thing with making the ball, and putting the meat inside. Does the image below look somewhat familiar? Or the top image?

Even the meatmix was the same thing. The only thing was that after this, instead of frying them like with the kobbe, she put them into the soup 5 at a time and let them boil without lid until they grew was cooked all the way through which took around 30 minutes. She put 5 in, waited 5-7 minutes and put 5 more in ect. She said it’s important to not put all of them in at the same time.

The soup was made the same way as the other red soups I’ve posted and all she spiced it with was salt and a little bit of chili.

Sorry for the image below being so boring. She didn’t have much to make it look fancy with :)¬†

I’ll come back with a recipe soon enough! It looked very easy and I’m sure I’ll do just fine. :)


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  1. It is very good i have tasted it.

  2. Thank you. I am a norwegian girl living in a small town. Not so many kurdish people here.A kurdish has moved her to me, and I really need this recipes. I have tasted them when visiting his family, and I just love it.
    Sorry for my bad english

  3. A kurdish man is living with me I ment too say

  4. Slaw

    Dastakant xosh bet.

    Ballam he xwardni tazat dananawa.?

  5. Hi.thanks for lovely receipes,The thing you don’t know a name for is probably semolina, Leastwise is what a Kifta might be made from(could use a fine bulgur wheat as well).

  6. wow i will try this in the nex time =)
    Sophie pls DON’T delete this side, i have no other recipes that are so good like these ones!


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