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Guys, I have a treat for you. I hadn’t had this dish for years when I had this yesterday. I ate so much my stomach started hurting and since I eat every 3 hours, I was watching the clock like a hawk waitig for the 3 hours to pass so I could have some more.

The image you see above is palpine, so if you have any idea what that is called in Norwegian or English, please let me know. We only know of one spot in Oslo that sells this and it’s almost always sold out because it’s so popular.

Edit: this is called purslane in English and portulakk in Norwegian.

It has a very special taste that I can’t really explain, but it really is very very delicious. For this stew you need:

500g palpine
120g nisk (red lentils)
100g rice
half a white onion
tomato puré
1,6 dl water
oil and salt

This is 500g frozen palpine.

This was made at my mums house and she didn’t measure the oil. She just poured it in, but it was a lot seeing as when she put the lentils in, they were completely covered.

So, here’s what you do. Chop up your onion and fry it in the oil. When they are golden, you add the lentils (remember to wash them first) and wait a couple of seconds before adding 6 dl of water.

You put that on medium/high heat and let it boil for about 10 minutes or so until the lentils start looking yellow and soft like the image below.

You then add 2 full spoons of tomato puré as well as the palpine and the rice.

This is where you add the rest of the water and salt to your taste. You could also add a pinch of citric acid to get the full taste of the palpine out.

Put your heat up to max and as soon as it starts boiling, put it down to medium-low and keep it there. When you put the heat down, wait a couple of minutes before you put the lid on so it doesn’t boil over. It should stay for 45 minutes or so. When it starts thickening a bit, you know it’s done. Make sure to stir it once in a while and making sure the water isn’t too low. You shouldn’t have to add anymore water; if you do then your heat is too high.

This is perfect hot or cold, in summer or winter, for dinner or lunch. It’s not only vegetarian but also vegan. It’s just.. perfect.

Now.. enjoy! :)



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  1. Is it purslane?? I have on this on my blog, please check it out under kurdish recipes.

    • It is! Thanks :) I asked the question on Facebook after making this post and I got an answer from someone in the US. Finally! Such a hidden herb over here; no one has it.

      • It’s actually a weed that is found in most gardens and parks, and grows between sidewalks. It grows in my garden and reseeds itself so I transported it to pots to see if it will thrive. When picking weeds always make sure it’s a clean place to pick away from contamination and dog parks/areas where raccoons roam and wash well with vinegar and water to remove parasites.

        Glad you figured it out.

  2. sv: tehe, fikk litt trøbbel med å velge mellom turkis og blå farge på den lakken. men for min del, syns jeg det er en skitten, mørk turkis lakk :)

  3. ååå den så godt ut, vi kaller den prpre (kurdere fra øst kurdistan), og viste ikke at det gikk ann å skaffe den her i Norge, men hvor i Oslo kjøper du den?

    Det er nemlig en av mine favoritt retter også ;)

    • Adventuress Heart: Weed? Really?! That can’t be true! Well, not here at least. I’ve looked everywhere for it since I saw your comment, but I haven’t seen any. Can it be mistaken with other plants or is that the only one that looks like that?

      Avin: Det er en hage på Holmlia der det er mange gror selv og selger til andre. Så palpine og all slags sawza til dolma og sånn kjøper vi der. Det er så mye billigere enn i butikken og smaker så mye bedre. Jeg har funnet ut at det heter portulakk på norsk og at man kjøpe frø og gro de selv. Bare søk på portulakk så ser du; det har visst vært veldig populær i Norge i mange år!

      • takk :) jeg søkte litt rundt igår etter å ha lest dette, og gjett om jeg ble glad, skal helt sikkert få take i frøen og gleder meg faktisk til å lage dette, jeg husker at mamma pleide å lage linser med portulakk ofte tilbake i Kurdistan, så kanskje jeg kan overraske henne ;)

      • Yeah it’s a weed, it grows on it’s own in gardens and people pull it out around here. It actually grew as a weed in our house in Kurdistan too and my kurdish aunt told us to pick it to eat, so we did. I didn’t know what it was but my mother knew because she said in Lebanese cuisine they add it to fatoush salad and it’s called “barbeen” I’ve also seen it at an arabic supermarket once here in Canada.
        If you search “weed” and “purslane” together you’ll see many people talking about picking it from their gardens to eat.
        We discuss it here too,

        You could try growing some in a pot if you ever spot it somewhere, just pick it with the root, it should grow just fine.

  4. what does that “dl” stands for?


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