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When I wasn’t lactoseintolerant and in my teens, I didn’t really like chocolate. I’ve always been a salty chips and nuts kind of girl. But something happened at some point and it became more interesting.

Not long after, I noticed that my stomach hurt almost everytime I ate something. A little back and forth with the doctor and a horrible EGD later, they told me that I was lactoseintolerant. It was such a horrible thing to hear. I love milk and everything dairy!

4 years later and I’ve managed to live with it; I’ve even found my chocolates! That took the longest actually since I don’t really like dark chocolate too much, but I’ve found some that works very nicely. :-)

What you see on top is Non Stop. It actually does contain a little bit lactose, but it’s very little and as long as I don’t eat the whole bag, I’m fine. I tend to only eat like 10 or something before my chocolate cravins are gone. :-)

My absolute favorite is Lindt and their “A Touch of Sea Salt” dark chocolate. The slightly salty taste you get once in a while is simply aaawesome. They also have a mint one that’s pretty good. :-)

Another one on my list is the one below. I just randomly saw it while food shopping in Sweden yesterday. I’ve never seen it here, but they had plenty of different ones over there. It’s in German, but I assumed “laktosefrei” means lactose-free. :-) I chose the almond one if “mandel” means almond in Germany as well. This both looks like and is just as soft as milk chocolate (compared to the harder dark chocolates). I never thought I would be able to taste milk chocolate again, but I did! This was so good! I’m definitely getting the other flavors next time I’m over there. :-)

Do you have any food allergies you have to live with? How was the transition?



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