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Beauty posts moved.

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Hey guys.

I felt like having the nail polish and general beauty posts in with the food posts was kind of weird, so I have now moved them to a seperate awesome blog. They have all been removed already, so you won’t find any of them here as of right now.

That’s where all the beauty and random posts will come from now on. This blog will only have food recipes!

I’ll make this post sticky for a little while until everyone knows. Thanks! :-)


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I'm a happy go lucky girl without the ability to relax. I love everything colorful and creative! Send me an email on if you feel the need to contact me. :-)

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  1. har allerede sett den nye bloggen og I love it, alltid inspirerende å se dine neglelakk epost. også liker jeg dine oppskrifter:D blir gøy å følge med videre :D

  2. Skinnjakken er ferdig nå, så det er bare å ta en titt innom bloggen for å se bilder :-)

  3. Omg Im so happy I found this blog. Im half kurdish and half swedish I love kurdish food but dont know any recipes. Im in love with shish kebab but I dont know how to make it its so juicy not öike lebanese kafta. Plz right the recipe if u know it :))

  4. hi. i am parvin and i am a kurd. but i know few thing about kurdish culture. i understand, your web is not about my problem. but i dont know who can reply me. i want to khnow about women circumcision in kurdistan, but no one told me the truth. do you know anything? please help me.


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