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I’m born in Kurdistan, Iraq and raised in Europe. When I was in my teens, my mother always tried to get me to join her in the kitchen so I could learn how to cook. I didn’t and I regret it immensely.

Me looking over Slemani, Kurdistan, Iraq. Photo: Rebecca Gjertsen

Now, at the age of 24, food has become one of my obsessions. I love making food and I love mixing different things that people haven’t thought of before. The mixing don’t always turn out great, but then I’ve at least tried. :)

I want to share Kurdish recipes with the world, as well as recipes I find on other blogs, magazines and books. If the recipe isn’t mine, then I will always let you know where I’ve found it and if I’ve made any changes to it.

I work as a professional photographer and retoucher, and you can see my website at if you wish.

I have a feeling I will go through ups and downs with this blog, so my one suggestion to you, the reader, is: if you like the posts then it’s going to be much easier if you RSS than to expect entries at a certain time. I’m sure I can go from posting 3 entries in a day to 3 entries in 3 months. Bear with me. :)

PS. If you’re for my beauty posts; they have now been moved to




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  1. Choni bashi!
    I can’t tell you how excited I am to stumble across your blog today! Let me just introduce myself…
    My name is Ashley. I am also 24 and have lived in the States most of my life. Almost 2 years ago I traveled to Slemani, Iraq to work with a non-profit organization. I lived in Slemani for six months and fell in love with the Kurdish culture, food and people! ZOR XOSHA! My one regret is that I never learned how to make all the amazing foods I fell in love with.
    Today I am back in the States but missing all things Kurdish! ESPECIALLY the food! I’m craving some good Kurdish rice and beans (brinj fasolya, I think?) I was searching the internet for a recipe and found your blog. How exciting! I have so many recipes to try from your blog! I can’t wait.
    However, I would be SO thankful if you could also tell me how to make the white rice with beans and red sauce that everyone serves in Norther Iraq. That is what I want to go home and make right now!
    I will be faithfully committed to reading your blog! Spas bo to!!

    • Hey Ashley.

      Your comment just made my evening. How sweet you are! The link to making fasolya and brinj are both on the blog. Just go on the recipe page and find them. They are on two seperate blog entries. Let me know how it goes! :-)

  2. Tøft bilde Halat ;)

  3. OMG im very very happy to see a young ,talented Kurdish lady,good on you Sophie im very proud of you :)
    Im Kurdish born in Sulaimanya living in Australia now found your blog searching for “piazaw “im planning to cook it for dinner with rice
    keep on doing what you are doing and you will succeed for sure, again im very pleased you have spent time on making this blog and have included Kurdish food in it because there aren’t many kurds that want to write on kurdish dishes and recipes “dast xosh “

  4. Hello there from another Kurdish girl living abroad (Canada!) I love your blog!! Great food recipes that remind me of back home. I’ve got a few kurdish recipes on my blog but I’d love to feature more in the future. Keep up the great work!

    • Hey, Canadian Kurdish girl. I love that you love my blog! Kurdish food rocks and I’m glad people are actually starting to try them. Everyone should eat some Kurdish nom once in a while. Thanks for the visit; I’ll be sure to repay it. :-)

  5. hi,,slaw gyana
    can i ask u something,
    i’m now 18 years old and i’m looking for a job in kurdistan,
    did you how i can find a job??
    cuzz i’m gonna married in slemani,,and i live here in holland..
    and by the way youre page is very nice!!

  6. Afareen gyanakam, very nice blog. Keep the wonderful work up!

  7. hi how are you!! i think ur amazing and wonderful!!!!!! i am a big fan and i would love to see u one day!!!!

  8. Lovely food and nice pics

  9. What a nice, cute and aesthetically pleasing blog. I love your photos and I just stumbled upon this blog through searching for a new years’ manicure. I’ll be moving on to your awesome beauty blog, looking forward to reading all your posts! Greetings from Florida!

  10. Nice blog :D
    I love food, especially Kurdish food

  11. Great, great, great!

    Since I moved away from home to attend university a few years ago I catch myself dreaming of my mums kurdish food. After visiting home for new years and tasting her delicious food after ages I finally decided to escape this dictatorship and learn to cook this on my own. This blog really gives me a great head start! Obviously I still need to call her from time to time and crosscheck! ;)

    Keep up the great work – this shouldn’t got unnoticed!


  12. Jason Douglas

    Sometime back in 2011 you asked where you could get those amazing carved gourd lamps that were posted on “honestlywtf”. It doesn’t look like anyone helped you out so if you were still keen to know they can be bought from So far everytime I check they have none currently for sale due (I suspect) being showcased on so many popular sites now. Be warned that you are looking at around the $3000 a lamp mark, but the site is just beautiful and worth a visit.

  13. I just recently came across your blog, and I can hostly say I love it. Well I’m from Sulaymaniyah I’ve lived in the USA most my live. I am married and a mother to a two year adorable boy. I love to cook so I was drawn to you blog right away.

    With love

  14. Hi I m polish married to kurdish from Slemani living in London.Although we are together for 12 years and having 2 children we just came back from our first trip to Kurdistan .I m loving the culture ,the place ,people and of course the food .I cook kurdish food at home but always looking for inspiration and your blog is great .I actually like the fact that you are learning too even so it’s your roots and that you are so passionate.You can move the country but you can’t take country out of you and that’s what makes your blog special.Thank you and keep up the good work.

  15. Hello Sophie :)
    I just wanna express my gratitude for the recipes you shared with us: so interesting, easy for understanding and with beautiful pictures !
    And what I like so much as well, your recipes look so identical, I really recognise Kurdish food in them that I had luckiness to eat in Kurdistan :)
    I have been in Masif and Hawler for 2 times already and I really strive to learn cooking Kurdish food. Just one week ago I returned from Kurdistan and I miss this beautiful country so much!
    Thanks a lot to you again !

    Best regards,

  16. You are just doing a great job! I am living abroad I just found your blog so after now I can cook as I am at home.
    Thanks so much for your efforts!

  17. Laura Sinkkonen

    Choni bashi.

    I am really grateful to you for this blog. I am Finnish girl, and my family is from Iraqi Kurdistan. I do not know Kurdish dishes recipes. This has helped me a lot. Thank you.

  18. HI

  19. Hello, may I ask where exactly that photo was taken in overlooking slemani! Wonderful blog, love all the recipes!

  20. Chony???
    i just came across your blog through pinterest! i’m from Sulemany and so excited about your blog and recipes ❤
    good luck 👍

  21. I am so proud of you :D Haha, og på norsk; er veldig stolt over deg! Synst bloggen er super, håper du ikke har noe imot at jeg deler det på facebook :D Det er faktisk noe jeg vil spørre deg om angående bloggen din, viss du har tid en dag så send meg mail :)

  22. من نەمزانی کە یاپراخ وشەیێکی کوردەوارییە یان تورکی ، دوڵمە کە فارسییە ! بەڵام بەهیوام کە لەسەر دۆڵمە ماڵپەرێک دابنم..ئەڵبەت لەبواری ئایتی


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