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Artist Recommendation: Paolo Nutini

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Gah, I’ve loved this guy since a Scottish friend (hi, Steven!) told me about him when he was new way back in the day. He turned kind of quiet after his first album, but he’s sure back in the game now. I was at his concert here in Oslo photographing the show and I was blown away. I mean.. he looks drunk! He looks drunk and high, and it’s awesome. He kind of goes into his own world it seems where it’s just him and the music and his voice is just so.. old in the best kind of way. The best kind of music to listen to. Here are some of my images from the concert.

PS. Next entry is koliche for you sweets lovers out there! :D Making it tomorrow!

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NYC – you’re awesome.

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This was my view when walking back to my hotel while in NYC last week. Beautiful! If I’m not mistaken, the two beams represent the Twin towers. I’m not sure if they do this all the time or if it was just the days leading up to 9/11. They really should do it all the time – it brightens up the night sky so beautifully.

Dette var utsikten min da jeg var på vei til hotellet mitt i NYC forrige uke. Hvis jeg ikke tar feil så representerer de to lyskasterne tvillingtårnene som sto der før. Jeg vet ikke om det alltid er sånn eller om det var kun sånn de siste dagene før 9/11, men de burde absolutt gjøre det hele tiden. Det så superfint ut! 

Do you make your own guacamole?

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My angriest post yet.

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NB! Picture of a dead animal inside this blogpost, so don’t click to “continue reading”if you don’t want to see it! There is no more text, only a picture.

I experienced something really sucky today. Really really really sucky. Like, REALLY.

I have this crazy cat lady under me that has been driving me nuts of 1,5 years. She has close to 20 cats that fight all day and all night, they have wounds on their back and they in general don’t look very good. And they are extremely fearful of people, which I have heard is not their nature at all, but these cats almost fly when they see a human being.

I have sent several complaints about her to the different animal shelters and the people that handle stuff like this, but I’ve never gotten a response, which is extremely annoying. I know the landlord is working on getting her kicked out and it has been a very long process.

Today, I was in a very good mood until I went outside and saw 3 dead kittens in front of the entrance. The feeling of anger, shock and sadness mixed together is something I have never experienced before. I stood there shocked for 10 seconds before I got really angry and went upstairs to find the number to Mattilsynet, which the people handling stuff like this. I told them what had happened and they told me they would come straight away and they also told me to take a picture of it in case they were gone when they came.

Which they were. The crazy womans window was open when I was talking to Mattilsynet, so I’m guessing she was standing there listening to me. When they got there 15 minutes later, the cats weren’t there anymore. I was told I could just leave, but I wouldn’t have if I knew they were gonna be there so soon!

But I at least got pictures of them, so she won’t get away with this. I really hope she gets punished for this somehow. She has proven time and time again that she can’t take care of these cats – why haven’t they been taken away yet?!

Sad day. :-(

PS. Sorry to those RSSing my blog and not being able to NOT see the picture.

NB! Picture of a dead animal inside this blogpost, so don’t click to“continue reading” if you don’t want to see it! There is no more text, only a picture.

Dagen i dag startet helt fint. Jeg var glad for å være tilbake på jobb og var glad for at jeg skulle ut og møte en venninne jeg ikke hadde sett på et år. Men det forandret seg fort da jeg gikk ut og så 3 døde kattunger utenfor inngangen min. 

Jeg har en gal kattedame med 20 katter som bor under meg som jeg har sendt mail til Dyrevernet og Mattilsynet og sagt i fra om før. Jeg har sendt minst 2 mailer og ikke fått noe svar, noe som er veldig irriterende. 

Da jeg ringte og sa i fra om dette tok de det heldigvis veldig alvorlig og ville vite alt. De ville også at jeg skulle ta bilder av de i tilfelle hun kom og tok de vekk før de var der, noe hun gjorde. Vinduet hennes var åpent da jeg sto og snakket med Mattilsynet på telefonen, så jeg antar at hun sto og hørte på. Hun på telefonen sa at det ikke var nødvendig å bli, men jeg hadde selvfølgelig gjort det hvis jeg visste at de kom til å være der så fort (15 min).

Jeg tok bilder av de, så hun kommer seg ikke unna dette. Håper bare hun får en passende straff for hun har vist om og om igjen av hun ikke kan ta vare på disse stakkars kattene som bare blir fler og fler. 

Trist dag. :-(

PS. Beklager til dere som RSSer bloggen og ikke har mulighet til å *ikke* se bildet.

NB. Bilde av et dødt dyr i denne bloggposten. Ikke klikk “continue reading” hvis du ikke vil se det! Det er ikke mer tekst – kun et bilde.

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Baklava – The easy, fast and super yummy way.

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My chocolate.

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Sure, why not?

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