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Here all are the blog posts about food in the order they have been written. Newest one on top.

Kurdish food:

Kifta – Mama style
Normal Kurdish dinner (also called a feast)
Kobbe – Mama style
Piazaw – onion soup
Brinji sor – red rice
Yaprax / dolma – my first try
Piazaw – onion soup
Brinji sor – red rice
Yaprax – my first try
Sawer – bulgur
Karnabit – Cauliflower snack
Tapsi by Haje
Mum’s cooking
Jgar – Chicken liver
Basmati Rice
Lobya – Black eyed beans in tomato soup
Helke u tamata – Eggs in tomato
Shfta – Fried meatballs
Nisk – Yellow lentil soup
Shlai Fasolya – White beans in tomato soup
Shlai Kolaka – Squash soup

Other food:

Do you make your own gucacamole?
Apple marmalade
Bananabread (it’s really a cake..)
Summer salad
How do you eat your mango?
Salmon in foil – featured on Foodpress
Sweet potato mash
Weird food combinations
My first juice
Roasted chicken
Random salad with chicken burger
Traditional Norwegian: Cod
– Charming homemade sushi
Sophie Dahl: Chicken stew with green olives
My cheesy breakfast
Oatmeal – featured on Foodpress
Fried rice
Homemade mashed potato
Weekend dinner; pasta
Sophie Dahl: My dad’s chicken curry
My greedy lunch (eggs)
Roasted potatoes
Dinner pancakes
Easy peasy fruit salad
Homemade pizza with folded crust
Sashimi Lunch


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  1. My husband is Kurdish from Turkey and I am looking for recipies to make for him. He speaks Kurdish and I’m also hoping to learn the language. I’m enjoying your blog here, thanks so much.

  2. love you website its really useful it sounds like u r from slemani dast xosh bet shty jwan drust akay afarim

  3. Delighted to find this Blog today….by chance! Interested in Kurdish cuisine and would like to know if you are on Pinterest too. I would also be interested in following the Beauty Blog, My Awesome Beauty, but I can’t access the site.
    I look forward to trying your recipes!

  4. I have Kurdish students who have given me kulecha to try. I was wondering how it is made and found it on your blog. Thank you for making it visual and informative.

  5. The “Normal Kurdish dinner (also called a feast)” link goes to “Kobbe – Mama style” :( Can that be fixed?

  6. Hi love your recipes and live Kurdish food I was wondering if you know how to make the Kurdish lamb soup ? It’s orange in colour but have no idea what it’s called but my husband loves it!


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