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Får-i-kål = sheep in cabbage. Yes, seriously. This is Norways national dish and this is such an easy meal to make and it’s really difficult to get wrong. You chop up a cabbage and you put in in your casserole with the lamb. Yes. That’s it. You salt it slightly and you put in whole black peppers and add tons of water. Put on low heat for well.. 2-3 hours. And yey, there you have it. Something that’s slightly bland yet surprisingly good. You eat it with potatoes on the side usually and salt on the table. :)

Denne syns jeg ikke det var noe vits å skrive om på norsk. Alle vet jo hva fårikål er! Men i kjappe terms så tar du kål og kutter opp i store biter og har i en stor gryte med lam, litt salt og hele svarte pepper. Ha i en del vann og sett på lav varme i 2-3 timer. Yey; Norges nasjonalrett! :-) Serveres med poteter og salt på bordet.